Typical Tuscan dishes – part 1

Sand curiosity urges your senses, let's travel together to discover the typical Tuscan dishes, a real one explosion of taste e genuineness, joy for the eyes and the palate. This is what Tuscany encompasses, in every single dish of the tradition.

The Tuscan cooking recipes they are characterized by preparations that involve the use of high quality raw materials, such as cured meats made from pork and wild boar, accompanied with the characteristic Tuscan bread without salt, the Chianina meat, game and game, also particularly noteworthy are the mushrooms and truffles of the area, with which exquisite dishes are prepared, also accompanied by the excellent wine produced in the area.

Today we put ourselves in the shoes of a person who visits Tuscany and who wants to try the most famous foods, those who just cannot miss and who may also be the incentive to return!

“What foods I absolutely must try in Tuscany?”

Pappa al Pomodoro

One of the dishes with the simplest ingredients in the world and perhaps for this reason one of the most loved. Like many other poor cuisine dishes, one of the main ingredients is stale bread, used precisely to minimize food waste, and combined with other simple ingredients such as tomato and extra virgin olive oil. For the success of the dish it is important that the ingredients are of the highest quality and perhaps that the bread is without salt, as the Tuscan tradition dictates. Each family makes small variations to the recipe for tomato soup, but everyone agrees in using these ingredients: stale bread, tomatoes, garlic, a little chilli, raw basil and extra virgin olive oil to serve the dish.


Ribollita is one of the most popular winter dishes in Tuscany and is a soup that contains different types of cabbage, beans, onions and carrots: a perfect mix to face the cold season. It is a typically winter dish not only because it must be served very hot, but also because the main ingredient is black cabbage which grows in winter. The origins are of a simple peasant soup with very simple but at the same time nutritious and genuine ingredients. Also in this recipe, as well as for the tomato soup, the main ingredient is stale bread. The name suggests how the dish was consumed: it was eaten the day after it was done, heated in a pot with extra virgin olive oil and then boiled again, which differentiates it from a simple bread soup. The cabbage used for the ribollita must have grown under a winter frost for it to be truly tasty. In addition to the main ingredients, the dish is finished with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a fresh onion sliced ​​on top.


Panzanella is a unique dish of the Tuscan tradition made with stale bread, red onion and basil, all seasoned with oil, vinegar and salt. This dish was mentioned by none other than Boccaccio, originally from Certaldo, in the mid-14th century and by Bronzino, famous Florentine Renaissance painter, who wrote a poem to celebrate this dish. For this recipe, the bread must be left to soak in water for about ten minutes, then squeeze and add the other ingredients, which in addition to those already mentioned can include tomatoes and cucumber and many other variations that change from cook to cook. The dish should be served cold, this is why it is one of the typical dishes of the Tuscan summer.